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Affordable Home Window Tinting for Gold Coast & Surrounding Suburbs.

When you live in a place as beautiful as the Gold Coast, your view is part of your life. But excellent visibility shouldn’t come at the expense of your pocket or safety. From fading your furniture to increasing your energy bill, that famous Queensland sun can cause various property problems. The solution? House window tinting is the perfect way to protect your home from UV rays without losing the views you love.


​What Is Home Window Tinting?

Domestic Tinting is the process of fitting window tint onto Glass windows. Whether you want glass tinting on the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas, a quality window film will reduce heat and glare without blocking light.

Our family business Tint-a-Home offers window films to suit all your window tinting needs. From Solar Energy Films to Decorative privacy frosting, our products preserve the feel and appearance of the glass with a quality finish while lowering your home energy costs and providing vital UV protection.

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Improvements Galore!

There are many reasons to choose our glass tinting services. Our expert technicians install window film that produces seamless applications on glass, offering a high-quality appearance and more efficient window tinting to reduce energy costs and various safety benefits significantly.


UV rays can fade home furnishings and cause sun damage to your skin and eyes. One of the main advantages of window film  is that it blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, keeping your family and furniture safe from the effects of the glare.


Without air conditioning, the temperature during our Queensland summers can be uncomfortably hot! Our home window tinting doesn’t just reduce the glare through your glass – it can also result in a heat rejection of almost 85%, and nearly all of the Ultraviolet Rays.

By lowering your air conditioning requirements and energy consumption, window film reduces heat and can help lower the cost of your energy bill. These power bills savings make home tinting window films an excellent investment.


Did you know most burglars break into houses by smashing a home window? Our window film strengthens the glass of your house windows and hold shards together if breakage occurs. Not only does this prevent intruders from entering your property, but it also protects your interior from sharp glass debris.

Home Window Tinting is also one of the best ways to boost your privacy. By obscuring the view through your glass from outside, it makes it much harder for people to look into your house without affecting your visibility inside.

Home Window Tinting FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our house window tinting expert technicians help customers throughout the Gold Coast area. Whatever your budget, our commitment is a quality, affordable home or office window tinting service. We have all the equipment and training to bring the advantages of window film to your home.

Whether it is 3M window films or any of the leading window film manufacturers that support us, We guarantee to preserve the look, feel, and privacy of your property, protect any interior furniture from fading, and increase heat rejection (but not sunlight) that comes through your home windows and doors, benefiting you with energy savings.

To discuss any tinting needs – or for more information about our service, standard features, and prices – call our phone number for customer service, speak with Jake or Kim, or email us via the links on this website.

Pricing ranges from $50 to $150 per square metre supplied and installed. Depending on the purpose, the thicker Safety/Security Films usually incur an increased cost as they are more labor-intensive to install. These are used to prevent break-ins.
External films also incur an increased cost due to the same reason. Generally, an internally applied window film will cost between $50 & $100 installed per sq metre, with a lifetime warranty.

Generally, it would be best if you didn’t use Windex to clean window film, whether it’s car film or for home or office window tinting. It can increase the deterioration of the top scratch-resistant coating. A couple of manufacturers suggest Windex is safe with their films. Still, we suggest airing on the side of caution and prolonging the life of your new window film.

Yes, without a doubt. There are many variants and thicknesses, but an expert will be able to assess your specific safety or security requirements. A correctly prescribed security film installed professionally will hold the glass together during breakage. Still, it will also increase the structural integrity of the glass, making it far more difficult to break. It’s also popular for window tinting Gold Coast shopfronts to prevent smash & grab burglaries.