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Window Frosting service is the perfect way to boost privacy for your windows or doors. If you’re looking for high-quality window frosting services, Tint-a-Home offers a wide range of options to suit your needs.

We provide premium quality window frosting products that will obscure views but won’t block light, ensuring that you can make the most of natural light from every room.

Frosted glass film is the perfect way to boost privacy for your Residential or Commercial windows or doors.

Our FAQs

Window Frosting FAQs

Window frosting film is fitted onto your glass windows and doors, mimicking an etched film look, transforming the glass into a decorative window for a fraction of the cost.

It offers a great alternative to privacy blinds and is more cost-effective than frosted glass replacement.

Our window frosting film products are beautiful and cost-effective alternatives to blinds. These film window products provide more privacy without blocking out the sunlight, allowing in plenty of natural light and are easily replaceable.

Installing frosted glass means you’ll have to remove the panel and replace it with something else if you want to update your décor. Not only is this expensive, but it can create other problems.

Many customers also ask, “Can frosted window film be removed?”

The answer is, yes! With our window frosting films, you can easily change the look of your décor, whether you’re buying for a business or residential property. If you get bored with your current view, you have the option to simply peel the film off and use a new window product in its place.

At Tint-a-Home window frosting, we offer a range of window Frosting Brisbane products to suit your needs, including items from reputable brands such as 3M Frosted Glass Window Films and GTS Graphics.

Call us today to see the difference our window tinting service can make in your home or office!

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